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Mission and Learning Goals  (CSB and SJU Specific Missions)

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Catholic Traditions

Benedictine Values

ANA Standards of Nursing Practice

ANA Standards of Professional Performance

The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education



Catholic Traditions Page

  1. The Principle of Human Dignity

  2. The Principle of Respect for Human Life

  3. The Principle of Association

  4. The Principle of Participation

  5. The Principle of Preferential Protection of the Poor and Vulnerable

  6. The Principle of Solidarity

  7. The Principle of Stewardship

  8. The Principle of Human Equality

  9. The Principle of the Common Good


Benedictine Values Page


Sacramental View of the World

  • The Primacy of God

  • A Reverence for All Persons and All Creation

  • Listening


Nurturance and Development of Community Life

  • Commitment to the Common Good

  • Respect for the Individual

  • Careful Stewardship of Resources

  • Practicing Hospitality

  • Respect for All Persons

  • Practicing Justice

  • Developing Community Guided Decision-Making Processes

ANA Standards of Nursing Practice


Standard 1. Assessment

Standard 2. Diagnosis

Standard 3. Outcomes Identification

Standard 4. Planning

Standard 5. Implementation

Standard 5a. Coordination of Care

Standard 5b. Health Teaching and Health Promotion

Standard 5c. Consultation

Standard 5d. Prescriptive Authority and Treatment

Standard 6. Evaluation


ANA Standards of Professional Performance


Standard 7. Quality of Practice

Standard 8. Education

Standard 9. Professional Practice Evaluation

Standard 10. Collegiality

Standard 11. Collaboration

Standard 12. Ethics

Standard 13. Research

Standard 14. Resource Utilization

Standard 15. Leadership



The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education



Liberal Education

Professional Values



Human Dignity


Social Justice

Core Competencies

Critical Thinking



Technical Skills

Core Knowledge

Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Disease Prevention

Illness and Disease Management

Information and Health Care Technologies


Human Diversity

Global Health Care

Health Care Systems and Policy

Role Development

Provider of Care

Designer/Manager/Coordinator of Care

Member of a Profession