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Benedictine Values Page


Sacramental View of the World

  • The Primacy of God

  • A Reverence for All Persons and All Creation

  • Listening


Nurturance and Development of Community Life

  • Commitment to the Common Good

  • Respect for the Individual

  • Careful Stewardship of Resources

  • Practicing Hospitality

  • Respect for All Persons

  • Practicing Justice

  • Developing Community Guided Decision-Making Processes


Catholic Benedictine Values in an Educational Environment from Abbost John Klassen, OSB; Emmanuel Renner, OSB
and Mary Reuter, OSB,
May 1, 2001: This document is in two parts: Part I   Part II

The Holy Rule of Saint Benedict (1949 edition).

A short overview and commentary on the Rule by By Sister Jane Michele McClure, OSB (Link)