Nursing 323: Open Laboratory Information  
Last Updated: 8/29/08

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Included for each Open Lab is:

  • Items from lab kit needed
  • Word/PDF Files needed for lab
  • Instructions on what to do in open lab












Preop/Surgery Prep Learning Experience

1. Independently interview the two patients that you DID NOT interview during the class/lab time.

2. You need to bring: Stethescope, BP cuff







Preparation and Administration of Parenteral Medications

Open Lab Instructions:

1. Bring your parenteral medication administration kit and your drug book

2. Complete the practice problems in lab and have them checked by the TA

3. Prepare and administer the medications as ordered on the Practice MAR in front of a TA

4. Complete the Competency Validation activity with the TA








1.) The main item that needs to be completed and signed off is the Drain Worksheet.  The Worksheet has sections that need to be signed off by the TA and problems that should be discussed/completed with others in the lab.  Once all sections are signed off, turn your sheet into the TA.

2.) You need to bring:











Lab 5: Professional communication, data gathering, and prioritizing in the acute care setting

What to bring: Checklist for a focused surgical assessment on page 9 of the lab manual, your O2 cannula, a partner dressed in shorts or jeans, your stethoscope

What you need to do:

1. You and your partner will take turns being the nurse/patient

2. When you are the nurse:

  • You need to do a focused surgical assessment on your “patient” (use the guide from your lab manual)

  • Then you need to get them up out of bed and ambulate, make sure they are wearing a robe

  • You need to do this in front of a TA

3. When you are the patient you need to dress up:

  • Wear a gown

  • Tape an NG to your nose, connect it to the wall suction

  • Use your O2 nasal cannula, put it on, connect to wall oxygen

  • Get an IV pole, bag and tubing, tape the tubing to your arm

  • Put a surgical dressing some where on your body

  • Tape a Foley catheter, attached to the bag to your leg

  • Put on the sequential socks

  • Tape some type of drain to your incision area (stryker, JP, chest tube)





Lab 7: Piggy, Push, Pump

Be sure to review the ABC's of IVs page and your skills DVD if you are unclear about equipment, technique or set ups (Link)!

1. You will need a Drug book and equipment for IV push, IV syringe pump and IV piggyback medication administration.

2. Be aware that you will be expected to set these medications up with either a clave port or a needle-less port.

3. Use the MARs (Link) provided in open lab to look up the meds and administer the 0800 and 1200 medications. The medications will be available to you in open lab.

4. Once you feel you can correctly perform the procedures you will need to do the competency validation activities described below in front of the TA and have them sign it off.  You will not be able to do your taped test out until your Passport is completely signed off. Be sure you look at the criteria for Video Test out #2 as you practice.

Video Test out #2 criteria (Link).

Competency Validation 1 (IVPB) & 2 (IVSP): Administer the IV piggy back and IVSP meds from the MAR following the Video test out #2 criteria AND verifying compatibility and hanging the bag or attaching the IVSP correctly.

Competency Validation 3 (IV Push) & 4 (Combo skill): Administer the IV push med on the MAR while the IVSP med or IVPB med is running.  Discuss what you would need to verify and DEMONSTRATE what to do if the meds were incompatible.






Lab 9: IV Medications

1. Review the two scenarios (File).  Watch the Nursing Skills DVD as needed to refresh yourself on the skills you are asked to complete.  Using the supplies in lab complete both scenarios with assistance from the TA’s.  Be sure you are focusing in on what supplies you use, where you are connecting things and keeping connections sterile.





Preop/Surgery Prep

Administering Parenteral Medications


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Lab 9

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