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Topic Links
Online Resources from Chemistry: A Project of the American Chemical Society
Online Resources for Chemistry, by McMurray and Fay, from Prentice Hall
Periodic Tables
The vocabulary (conceptual, structural, and mathematical) for the course (what you need to memorize)
General Chemistry Links


Introduction to Chemistry

Chapter 1 Water: A Natural Wonder  Web Companion, Chapter 1

Topic Additional Web Links
Microscopic Models of Molecules
Bonding: Ionic, Covalent
Lewis Structures
Dipoles, Polarity and Intermolecular Forces


Energy and Heat
Quantitation: moles and Avogadro's number
  • Trigrams:  Relationships among molar mass, # moles, and # particles
WebCT Quiz (unavailable in summer)

Chapter 2: Aqueous Solutions and Solubility  Web Companion, Chapter 2

Topic Additional Web Links
Salts and Water
Naming Compounds
Matter: Mixtures, Separations and Rx basics
Chemical Equations

Precipitation Reactions

Acids and Bases
WebCT Quiz (unavailable in summer)
Chime Models  

Chapter 3: Origins of Atoms  - Web Companion, Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Structure of Atoms  - Web Companion, Chapter 4

Topic Additional Web Links
Periodic Table: Periodic properties
Physics: Mechanics, Forces, and Fields
Quantum Theories: Light, Energy and Matter
Quantum numbers, orbitals, electron configurations
  • Quantum Behavior of C70.  Science. 292. pg 1471 (2001)
  • Electronics vs Spintronics:  Nature 411, pg 747 (2001)
  • The Fog That Was Not (Femtosecond resolution and uncertainty) Nature, 412,pg 279 (2001)
  • Zeilinger.  The quantum centennial:  One hundred years ago, a simple concept changed our world view forever. Nature. 408, pg 639 (2000)
  • Schrodiner's Cat is out of the Hat.  Science. 290. pg 720, 773 (2000)
Chime Models



Chapter 5: Structure of Molecules - Web Companion, Chapter 5 

Topic Additional Web Links
Molecular Orbitals, σand π bonds
Molecular Geometry
  1. VSEPR and VRML
  2. Hybrid Atomic Orbitals
  3. Valence Bond Theory and Hybridization (from class)
  4. Chime Models - Chapter 7 

Chapter 6: Chemical Reactions  - Web Companion Chapter 6  

Topic Web Link
Lewis Acid/Base -  Acids and Bases Review Links from Chapter 2
Lewis Acid/Base -  Nucleophiles/Electrophiles  
Lewis Acid/Base -  Metal Complexation  
Redox Reactions


Reaction Type Summaries


Chapter 7: Chemical Energetics: Enthalpy  - Web Companion Chapter 7 

Topic Web Link
Thermodynamics: ΔE,  ΔH, and work
Gas Laws

Chapter 8: Entropy and Molecular Organization  - Web Companion Chapter 8 

Topic Web Link
ΔG: Change in Gibb's Free Energy
  • Entropy and Free Energy
 Entropy Applications: Biological Examples

Chapter 9: Chemical Equilibria  - Web Companion Chapter 9 

Topic Web Link
Basic Equilibrium Ideas
Acid/Base Equilibria


Chapter 10: Reduction-Oxidation: Electrochemistry  - Web Companion Chapter 10 

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