Structure in Chemistry


with problems contributed by Ed McIntee, Kate Graham, Brian Johnson and Alicia Peterson

SC1. Introduction to Stereochemistry

SC2. Stereoisomers: cis & trans

SC3. Enantiomers

SC4. Simple Organic Enantiomers

SC5. Biological Small Molecules

SC6. Optical Rotation

SC7. The Polarimetry Experiment

SC8. Biological Building Blocks: Carbohydrates

SC9. Carbohydrates and Diastereomers

SC10. Diastereomers and Physical Properties

SC11. Carbohydrates in Cyclic Form

SC12. Biological Building Blocks: Amino Acids

SC13. Macromolecular Structures: Alpha-Helices

SC14. Diastereomers and Optical Resolution

SC15. Another Kind of Stereochemistry: Alkene Isomers

SC16. E and Z Alkene Isomers

SC17. Stereochemistry in Octahedra: Cis vs Trans  and Fac vs. Mer

SC18. Enantiomers in Octahedra

SC19. Chiral Catalysts for Production of Enantiomers

SC20. More Practice with Stereochemistry

SC21. Solutions to Selected Problems


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