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Learning Goals/Objectives for Chapter 5C:  After class and this reading, students will be able to

  • explain the similarities and differences in structure between myoglobin and hemoglobin in the deoxy and oxy states
  • state structural features of Hb that stabilizes the deoxystate and the oxystate
  • draw graphs of fractional saturation Y vs L (or pO2) for Mb and Hb  (at different pHs and in the presence of CO2 for Hb) and explain their apparent similarities and differences
  • draw a thermodynamic cycle for the interactions of O2, CO2 and H+ with deoxy-Hb and oxy-Hb
  • explain how Hill Plot analysis can account for cooperative binding curves for Hb.
  • give a simple explanation of the MWC model and draw cartoon representations of Hb in the T and R state, describing the characteristics of those states
  • given definitions of the MWC parameters (L, KT, KR, c, and α) and the assumptions of the model, explain how this model accounts for cooperative sigmoidal binding curves for Hb and dioxygen.
  • draw cartoon models and explain differences in lock and key, induced fit, and conformational selection as mechanisms for ligand bind.
  • Explain biological advantages elicited on ligand binding by intrinsically disordered proteins

C1.  Myoglobin, Hemoglobin, and their Ligands

C2.  Normal and Cooperative Binding of Dioxygen

C3.  Mathematical Analysis of Cooperative Binding - Hill Plot

C4.  Mathematical Analysis of Cooperative Binding - MWC Symmetry Model

C5.  Mathematical Analysis of Cooperative Binding - KNF Sequential Model

C6.  Conformational Selection  

C7.  Binding to Intrinsically Disorder Protein and MORFs

C8.  Binding, Intracellular Granules and Droplets new updated and new title

C9.  Binding and Linked Equilibria

C10.  Macromolecule Oligomer Formation and Symmetry

C11.  Conformational and Binding - Examples

C12. Free Energy and Cooperativity

C13.  Links and  References


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