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(mostly) real stuff that flies in the atmosphere
SFTV not involving a certain Federation
real stuff that flies in vacuum
that Japanese stuff
celluloid not involving a certain Federation, Republic, Empire, or Rebellion
Star Trek
'nuff said
Misc SF
doesn't fit anywhere else
real stuff that floats
Star Wars
'nuff said too

Category Name Manufacturer 1/Scale Status
German Ho229A1 DML 48  
Ho229B DML 48  
Passenger Concorde Heller 125  
A-12 Testors 48  
B-2 Stealth bomber Testors 72  
EF-111 Monogram 72  
F/A-18E Super Hornet Italeri 48  
F-117A Monogram 48  
F-14 Monogram 48  
F-15 Fujimi 48  
Hasegawa 72 Finished
LS 144  
F-16 Monogram 48  
Monogram 72  
F-16-XL Monogram 72  
F-4 Hasegawa 48  
N-1 M "Jeep" Flying Wing Sword 48 Finished
N-9 MA Flying Wing Sword 48  
SR-71 Testors 48  
Monogram 72 Finished
Hasegawa 144 Finished
SR-71 Egg Deform Hasegawa N/A Finished
SR-71 w/ drone Monogram 72  
U-2 Testors 72  
X/YB-35 Flying Wing AMT/ERTL 72  
XB-70 Valkyrie Testors 72  
YB-49 Flying Wing AMT/ERTL 72  
YF-22 Testors 72  
YF-23 Testors 72  
USAF fake F-15 transformer     Finished
F-19 Stealth Italeri / Testors 48 Finished
F-19 Stealth "Spectre" Monogram 72 Finished
SR-75 Testors 72 Finished
XR-7 Testors 72 Finished
X-Planes X-1 Hobbycraft 72  
X-3 Stiletto Revell 48  
X-15 A2 Special Hobby 48  
X-15 Monogram 72  
X-15 Heller 130  
X-24A Collect-Aire 48  
X-24B Collect-Aire 48  
X-29 Hasegawa 72 Finished
X-32 JSF Testors/Italaeri 72 Finished
X-35 JSF Testors/Italaeri 72  
Arale / Dr. Slump Arale / Dragon BanDai   Finished
Arale / Lion BanDai    
Arale / Robby BanDai    
Arion Arion & Lesfina figures Tsukuda 12 Finished
Crusher Joe Cordoba Takara 3500  
Fighter 1 Takara 144 Finished
Missile frigate Takara 1400 Finished
Pirate Ship Takara 1400 Finished
Minerva Takara 350 Finished
Siren Takara 144 Finished
Harpy Takara 144 Finished
Dougram Crabgunner Takara 72 Finished
Groundsearch Takara 48, 72 Finished
Soltic Bigfoot Takara 72 Finished
Galaxy Express 999 Engine Samsung    
999 perspective   variable Finished
Gundam Musai Bandai 1700 Finished
Harlock Arcadia/SSX Arcadia, green Bandai 700  
Arcadia, green Bandai 1600 Finished
Harlock's Bf 109 G6 Airfix 72 Finished
Death Shadow Bandai 1500 Finished
Queen Emereldas Bandai 1600  
Harlock Space Pirate Arcadia, blue Takara 1500  
fighter something Korean    
Laputa Goliath
Robot & Sheeta
Tsukuda 2000
Lensman Britannia II Tomy   Finished
Cycroader Tomy 72 Finished
Picronia Dem & Sig Tomy 72 Finished
Striker Tomy 72  
Macross Glaug Imai 100 Painting
Regult Arii 100  
Storm-Attack Imai 800 Priming
VF-0D Macross Zero Hasegawa 72  
VF1A Battroid Nichimo (pitaban) 200 Finished
VF1D Battroid Arii 100 Finished
VF-1S Super Imai 100 Finished
VF-1S variable Imai 72  
Zentraedi Space Armor Imai 12 Finished
Mospeada Legioss Imai 72  
Nausicaa Gunship Bandai 72 Finished
Kai Tsukuda 20 Painting
Nausicaa figure Tsukuda 6 Finished
Mehve Tsukuda 20 Finished
O-mu Tsukuda 32 Finished
Speed Racer Mach 5 Hasegawa 24  
Yamato Yamato Bandai 1000  
Yamato 2520 Bandai 1500 Finished
EDF battleship Bandai 1000 Finished
Cosmo Zero Bandai 72  
Andromeda Bandai 700  
Tripod Tank Bandai   Finished
Misc SF  
  Alien UFO Lindbergh   Finished
Gigantics colossal mantis AMT/ERTL    
colossal scorpion AMT/ERTL    
colossal tarantula AMT/ERTL    
Strategic Space Command Leif Ericson AMT    
Perry Rhodan
On the web in English or Deutsch
Blues Revell AG    
Marco Polo Revell AG    
Sol Revell AG    
Space Jet Glador Revell AG    
Misc TV  
Babylon 5 B5 Station Revogram    
Starfury Revogram 72  
Batman Batmobile Polar Lights (re-issue) 32  
Blakes 7 Liberator Comet    
Battlestar Galactica (1979) Cylon Base Star Revogram    
Cylon Raider MPC 48  
Galactica MPC 2700ish  
Viper MPC 32  
Colonial Shuttle Alliance 72  
Battlestar Galactica (2004) Cylon Fighter Howlin' Wolf 24  
Mk II Viper Starship Modeler 72  
Mk VII Viper Black Sun 72 Finished
Raptor Black Sun 72  
Battlestar Galactica Timeslip Creations 4100  
Battlestar Pegasus Fantastic Plastic 3700  
Colonial One Fantastic Plastic 350  
Cylon Base Star Howlin' Wolf 2500  
Buck Rogers Marauder MPC    
Starfighter MPC    
Fireball XL-5 Fireball XL-5 Monsters in Motion 144  
Firefly / Serenity Captain Mal's Pistol Unknown 1 Finished
Futurama Planet Express Skyhook Models    
Invaders UFO Monogram 60  
Land of the Giants Spindrift Polar Lights    
Lost in Space Jupiter 2 Polar Lights 48  
Robot Polar Lights 12  
Space Pod Moebius Models 24  
Chariot Moebius Models 24  
Seaquest DSV Seaquest Monogram 600  
Stinger Monogram 12  
Space 1999 Eagle Imai 110  
MPC 72  
Mark IX Hawk Airfix 72  
Thunderbirds Zero-X Imai    
UFO Moonbase Interceptor Bandai 50  
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Flying Sub Monogram 60  
Seaview Polar Lights    
20,000 Leagues Nautilus Comet 350  
2001: A Space Odyssey
Aries 1-B Scott Alexander 72  
Discovery 1 Lunar Models    
Monolith Scratchbuilt   Finished
Moonbus Aurora 48  
Orion Aurora 72  
Space Pod Scott Alexander 72  
Alien/s Alien Monogram 6  
Dropship / APC Halcyon / Gizmodo 72  
Alien Warrior w/ Egg Halcyon 9 Finished
Space Jockey Halcyon 60 Finished
Facehugger Halcyon 1  
Narcissus Halcyon 144  
Nostromo Halcyon   Finished
Ripley / Power Loader Halcyon 12  
Sulaco Halcyon 2400 Finished
Batman Bat Wing (1) AMT/ERTL 32  
Batmobile (1) AMT/ERTL 25  
Bat Wing (4) Revell 32  
Batmobile (3) Revogram 25  
Batmobile (5 / Begins) Bandai 35  
Blade Runner Police Spinner Stargazer 48  
Creature from the Black Lagoon The Creature Aurora / PL 6  
Forbidden Planet Cruiser C57D Polar Lights 72  
Robby the Robot Polar Lights 12  
Galaxy Quest NSEA Protector Pegasus 1400  
Starcrafts 1400  
Godzilla Godzilla Aurora / PL    
Independence Day Alien Attacker Lindbergh    
Iron Man Iron Man mk. III Moebius Models    
League of Ext. Gents Nautilus Wave 700 Finished
Legend Darkness figure Classic 6  
Lost in Space Jupiter 2 AMT/ERTL 144  
Robot AMT/ERTL 12  
Predator Predator figure Halcyon 12  
Robocop ED-209 Horizon 12  
Robocop figure Horizon 6  
Rocketeer GeeBee Racer Testors 48  
Thunderbirds Zero-X Imai    
War of the Worlds Martian War Machine Wilco 72  
The Martian Pegasus Hobbies 8 Finished  
When Worlds Collide Ark Pegasus Hobbies 350  
Historical Drakkar Oseberg Heller 60  
USN Enterprise CV6 Tamiya 700  
Enterprise CV65 Revell 720  
Enterprise Frigate Constructo 60  
U.S.S. Constitution Revell 196  
German Space Transporter Sänger Revell AG 288 Finished
Apollo CM/SM Monogram 32  
Apollo LEM Airfix 72 Finished
Apollo Soyuz Revell 96  
LEM Revogram 48  
Mercury / Atlas Monogram 110  
Mercury / Gemini Revell 48  
Project: Mercury Atomic City / MRC 12  
Saturn V Monogram 144  
Shuttle Egg Deform Hasegawa none Finished
Space Shuttle Entex 72  
Soviet / Russian Energia-Buran Start 288  
Mir Heller 125  
Vostok (capsule) Revell 24  
Vostok (rocket) Airfix 144  
Star Trek  
Television Series  
Deep Space 9 Cardassian Scout Federation Models 1400  
Deep Space Nine ERTL/AMT 2500  
Defiant ERTL/AMT    
Jem Hadar "fat firefly" WARP 350  
Runabout ERTL/AMT 72  
Enterprise Romulan BoP, 22nd century Starcrafts   Finished
NX-01 Bandai 850 Finished
NX-01 Polar Lights 350  
NX-01 Polar Lights 1000  
Shuttlepod Alliance 72 Finished
Vulcan Surak Cruiser Nova Hobbies 1400  
Vulcan Unknown Class Nova Hobbies 1400  
The Next Generation Ambassador / Zhukov Garage 1285  
Cardassian Galor ERTL/AMT 1400  
Cardassian Keldon ERTL/AMT + Federation Models 1400  
Enterprise-C ERTL/AMT 1400  
Enterprise-D ERTL/AMT 1400  
Ferengi D'Kora Macro-Trek 1400  
Ferengi Pod Starship Modeler 35 Finished
Klingon Negh'var Macro-Trek 2000  
Klingon Vor'Cha ERTL/AMT 1400  
Nebula mk 3 Garage 1400  
Olympic class Sci-Fi Resin 1400  
Romulan Scout Federation Models   Finished
Romulan Warbird ERTL/AMT 3870? Finished
TNG Shuttlecraft Probert Designs 76 Finished
Star Trek  OS Botany Bay Scratch 288 Finished
U. S. S. Enterprise
 No bloody A... B... C... or  D. Or refit."
ERTL/AMT 500  
AMT Original 650  
Polar Lights 1000  
Galileo Shuttlecraft ERTL/AMT    
K-7 Station AMT 7600 850 Finished
Klingon D-7 ERTL/AMT    
Polar Lights 1000  
Romulan Bird of Prey ERTL/AMT 630  
Tholian Sci-Fi Miniatures    
USS Excalibur
(TOS NCC-1664)
AMT/scratch   Finished
Voyager 8472 Bioship Furuta   Finished
Dauntless Alliance 677  
Delta Flyer Alliance 72  
Kazon Monogram    
Kazon Torpedo Monogram    
Maquis Monogram    
Nova Starcrafts 1400 Finished
Prometheus Starcrafts 1400  
Type 9 "Speedboat" Shuttle Alliance 72  
Voyager Monogram 677  

The Movies

Star Trek: the Motion Picture Enterprise-refit ERTL/AMT 537  
Polar Lights 350  
Klingon K’tinga ERTL/AMT    
Vulcan Warp Shuttle ERTL/AMT 144? Finished
ST: The Wrath of Khan Reliant ERTL/AMT    
ST: The Search for Spock Excelsior ERTL/AMT 1000  
Grissom Garage    
Klingon Bird of Prey ERTL/AMT 650  
ERTL/AMT 1100 Finished
Merchantman WARP 537?  
ST: The Voyage Home Enterprise A Bandai 850  
ST: The Final Frontier Klingon Qonos 1 ERTL/AMT    
ST: Generations Enterprise B ERTL/AMT 1000  
ST: First Contact Akira Starcrafts 1400  
Enterprise E Bandai 1700 Finished
AMT/ERTL 1400  
Norway Nova Hobbies 1400  
Phoenix Warpship Fantastic Plastic 144  
Sabre Starcrafts 1400  
Steamrunner Starcrafts 1400  
ST: Nemesis Scorpion Polar Lights 24  
Valdore Starship Creations 1400  
Star Wars  
1: The Phantom Menace Droid Fighters AMT/ERTL 48 Finished
Droid Fighter Estes 16  
Gungan Sub AMT/ERTL 46  
Naboo Royal starship Estes 177  
Naboo Starfighter AMT/ERTL 48  
Naboo Starfighter Estes 31  
Sith Infiltrator Estes 93  
STAP with Battledroid AMT/ERTL 6 Finished
Trade Federation Starship Estes    
Trade Federation Tank AMT/ERTL 31 Finished
2: Attack of the Clones Jedi Starfighter Fine Molds 72 Finished
Jango's Slave 1 Fine Molds 72  
Clone Troopship Two Fat Guys 2256  
Republic Gunship Revell 72  
3: Revenge of the Sith Republic Destroyer Revell AG 2256  
Jedi Starfighters Revell AG ~28  
AMT/ERTL ~25  
ARC-170 Revell AG ~68  
Droid Tri-fighter Revell AG 29  
AT-RT Revell AG 20  
Vulture Droid Estes / scratch 16 Finished
Corp. Alliance Droid AMT/ERTL    
4: A New Hope C-3PO MPC 7  
Death Star AMT/ERTL    
Egg Star Starship Modeler none  
Luke's X-Wing MPC 48  
Fine Molds 72  
Luke's Speeder RMC    
TIE fighter MPC   Finished
TIE fighter, Vader's MPC 53 Finished
Y-Wing MPC 100  
Blue Moon 48  
5: The Empire Strikes Back AT-AT MPC    
Boba's Slave 1 Fine Molds 72  
Rebel Transport (etc) MPC 373  
Imperial Star Destroyer MPC ~4200  
Anigrand 2256  
Millennium Falcon Fine Molds 72  
Snowspeeder MPC 32  
TIE Bomber Backlot Studios 42  
6: Return of the Jedi AT-ST MPC    
A-wing MPC 63 Finished
B-wing MPC 94 Finished
Imperial Shuttle MPC 144  
Speeder Bike MPC 12 Finished
TIE Interceptor MPC   Finished
Expanded Universe Virago AMT/ERTL